Red fruit (Buah Merah) has become popular as a new miracle medicine treatment

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A Significant Breakthrough Herbs for Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Hepatitis, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Cholesterol, Arthritis Disease, Heart and HIV / AIDS.

Red Fruit (Pandanus conoideus lam) offers hope to all people who suffer from breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, stroke, hypertension, osteoporosis, cholesterol, arthritis, heart disease and HIV aids. Only found in New Guinea, Indonesia, the red fruit is more often called "Buah Merah" (Red = Merah, and Fruit = Buah) by Indonesia.

healing properties of red fruit discovered by accident. It was the Dr. I Made Budi MSc which makes the relationship between red fruit and the fact that the people of Papua and Wamena people have a very negligible incidence of cancer, hepatitis, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and heart disease. After conducting several tests to ensure the properties of red fruit, found that fruits contain beta-carotene, antioxidants, Omega 9 and Omega 3, which all help to improve endurance.

"In Jayapura I had experienced favorable red fruit, namely to cure brain cancer, lung spots infant, breast cancer, uterine cancer, uterine tumors, eye irritation, blindness, heart disease, lung disease, weakness, and powerless. After cancer patients consumed the red fruit extract, then the laboratory should be checked, and the results are stunning Actually, before consuming the red fruit extract. the patient was very painful. Now cancer patients is fresh and fit ", Drs. Made MSc (Bali) said.
  1. Utilization of Red Fruit Oil / Red Fruit Oil: 
  2. red fruit oil is safe, can be used in long-term 
  3. red fruit oil 100% natural - no side effects 
  4. oil red fruit Our products have been approved by the FDA Indonesia (No.Reg POM TR 053 642 731 ..) 
  5. This is proven to boost the immune system 
  6. Not too expensive but it can bring the best results
    It can be integrated with medical treatment 
  7. Unlike the chemos, it's bad to kill without harming either 
  8. Natural medicine, better living

Red fruit (Buah Merah) has become popular as a new miracle medicine treatment :
Cancer is caused by abnormal cell growth. The beta-carotene and tocopherol in Buah Merah act as antioxidants and enhance the immune system of the body by working to prevent the growth of cancer cells. This is why Buah Merah is being called the new alternative cancer treatment.

Cancer type: breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer and ovarian cancer.

Diabetes Mellitus
The blood-sugar level is increased when the pancreas gland is unable to produce much-needed insulin, giving rise to Diabetes Mellitus. The tocopherol in Buah Merah helps improve the performance of the pancreas, thus helping to prevent this condition.

Hypertension, Stroke, and Heart Disease
Obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption could lead to hypertension, which is often accompanied by heart disease and stroke. The tocopherol present in Buah Merah helped dilute the blood enabling the smooth circulation of blood to the different parts of the body. The beta-carotene in Buah Merah slowed down the blockage in the arteries, helping smooth flow of blood to the heart and the brain.

The high natural antioxidant content in Buah Merah increased CD4 levels and helped boost the immune system of HIV patients.

Hepatitis B and C could develop into liver cancer or cirrhosis if not cured. The antivirus and antioxidants in Buah Merah help prevent formation of cancer cells and also speed up regeneration of liver cells.

High cholesterol levels led to narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels. The Buah Merah oil help neutralize blood cholesterol.

Buah Merah is calcium rich and contains about 55.000 mg per 100 gram. It supplies the bones with much-needed calcium that can help prevent osteoporosis, which is primarily caused by lack of calcium.

Eye Obstruction
Beta-cartone, which is provitamin A gets converted into vitamin A in the body and helps cure eye obstruction that is caused due to lack of vitamin A.

Improving Sexual Desire and Fertility
People who consume Buah Merah oil notice an increase in sexual desire. Fertility in men as well as women is also increased due to the tocopherol and the vitamin E that is present in the fruit.

Buah Merah 

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